How and What We Do

Krueger Group approaches every project the same way- with passion, integrity, knowledge, technology and professionalism.  These principles ensure a superior quality home and an exceptional experience from start to finish.  To maintain this level of service we continuously focus on reengineering our systems and processes, constantly search for new and unique ideas, explore new technologies, research environmentally conscious alternatives, build lasting relationships and remain humble. We strive vociferously to eliminate project creep and systematic waste by starting first with exceptional budgeting and planning. As our track record illustrates, Krueger Group works on projects both large and small, very high-end and budget-focused, rustic and contemporary and new construction and renovations. Although we enjoy working on a variety of project sizes and types, we are extremely conscious about the amount of work we commit to, this allows us to truly focus on your project and all details. 

We ensure client satisfaction by providing every client with personalized service and delivering professional project management, accurate financial tracking, and meticulous quality construction.  The value that we offer, what we believe in and how we perform results in successful projects and satisfied clients that we can call our friends. 


We believe in a unified team approach between the Owner, the Architect/Designer and the Construction Manager.  From the start, if these three entities work together toward the same goals- aesthetic, quality, financial and schedule we feel the project has the best outcome and results in client satisfaction.  Krueger Group has in-house design and finish selection capabilities or we can recommend qualified professionals that we feel would help build a great team. Don't worry, if you have already started working with an Architect/Designer we would be happy to join the team and collaborate.

Construction Management

We take a professional business approach to your project and manage it from every aspect from start to finish.  We don’t just build or provide general contracting services, we employ professional project management skills from pre-planning through design and construction to control the budget, quality, schedule and communication aspects of your project. Our resources allow us to pay close, continuing attention to every detail of the project to ensure success.

Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Performance

We passionately source and research products and construction methods that increase home performance and reduce environmental impact. Whatever your goals are, whether its building an EnergyStar Certified or Net-Zero energy home, creating a healthier indoor environment or using local, renewable or recycled products Krueger Group has the drive, experience and expertise to provide you with the options to make an informed decision.

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